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Building an online home for your business with targeted ads. Facebook structures it’s advertising methods to help businesses target their ads to reach the right viewers for your service. .I will put together your ads to bring you NEW clients. It’s that simple!

If you’ve been using social media , it’s nearly impossible for you to not engage with any business page’s post or ad. Your TARGET audience is no different. All this time they are actively looking for products or services like yours on social media. And you surely want them to interact with YOUR business NOT your competitions, right? 

You are a business owner who must focus on your customers needs, not get worn out by chasing down NEW clients. . I do all the behind the scenes work (targeting your ideal customers, building your custom audience, then retarget them until they buy your service/product) with Facebook ads. We make sure you have a steady flow of NEW clients.

TOGO Marketing- ADELE


➯Over 2 Billion monthly active FB users

➯Over 1.4 Billion daily active users (yes your math is correct… 70% of FB users log on daily!!!)

➯Over 1.7 Billion mobile active users

➯Average time spent per Facebook visit is 

45 minutes

TOGO Marketing Agency


1)   I will create the ad copy, target and run your Facebook ads.

Facebook targeting capabilities allows us to target Ads as finitely as a single town or city, demographic and other specific details. This makes it simple and effective to only show your Ad to the people who are interested in your services.

2)  We will figure out who is your ideal customer.

NOTE: Very simple process

3) You decide whether you want video or a photo for the ad

NOTE: videos work great and recording from a quality phone does the job well.

My goal is to keep business and customers coming your way. .Your satisfaction is a priority. Communication is important , as I like to keep things as simple as possible.

TOGO Marketing Agency

Adele D’Argenio- (352)942-1401 



togo marketing
togo marketing
togo marketing
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“Bridging the gap between you & your customers..”

TOGO Marketing
The main focus is to help you grow your business and customer base with Facebook Ads. We work as a team to build your business even stronger.
Online marketing can be challenging and overwhelming when we first look into doing it.
TOGO Marketing has created remarkable systems (which have taken years) & strategies
to offer you winning results.
We also believe “Communication is Key” in order to provide prime service. Because we know that communication is the success of any business relationship. We are committed to learning and growing together.
The HONOR is in serving you!